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After years of breathing life into the homes of our clients, we decided to do a bit of remodeling ourselves. Take a walk through our brand redesign.



The two columns form the outer part of the letter ‘H’, while evoking the shape of columns found in ancient Greece.

Laurel Wreath
The laurel wreath represents Hestia, the ancient greek godess of the hearth and home.

The epithet ‘Construction & Design’ represents our commitment to providing you an amazing experience all the way through the process.

Is the rebrand because of a merger or acquisition?

Nope. We have not merged or acquired any other companies.

Why rebrand now?

We want to bring the Hestia experience to as many people as we can, and a way to do that is by expanding to other cities. So, we needed a strong brand designed to grow with us.

What is the meaning behind the logo?

We love the Hestia name and what it represents, so the new logo uses ancient Greek imagery to bring the brand to life.

Can I still expect the same high quality work?

Absolutely! Even though our brand has changed, our team and the quality work we do remains unchanged.

Will this change the status of my project?

Not to worry. Our rebrand has not affected any of our current projects and all future projects are unaffected as well.

Thanks for taking the tour!

We’re excited to help you on your next home project, and to
experience the Hestia difference.